"shinjiros erect nipples are so sharp they could KILL A MAN" - tumblr user inigou

i figured out why it’s because that folder and my folder of pictures of kakyoin are next to each other and i guess when i went to put it into the kakyoin folder it went into the me folder

i got this super pretty wig from my friend and i brushed it out and it’s gr8  and all nice and curly except this ONE section in the back that’s frizzy at the bottom and won’t curl right and it’s too late to work on that tonight so i’m gonna put the rest of it into curlers and straighten that part out tomorrow

I started up the Spirit Camera game and the first thing it does is have me take a picture of my face and once i did it said “your face has been taken” 

i got a bad feeling about this scoob

also there’s a diary that was supposed to come with it (i didn’t get one so i just looked it up online) that is some kind of AR thing and when i did a test using the cover and it lined up a face came out of it. a spooky face.

I had this gift certificate for $30 at the game store i got from my dad at christmas that i never used so i went and got Spirit Camera (which i’ve heard is like Fatal Frame which I’ve heard is good) and a Nintendogs game (it was $4 why not) HELL yeah